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Tuesdays with Mary

ImageImageThe “weekend” around Casa de Reggiardo is quite a loose term. Rob is off early on Saturdays (6 instead of 9) and then off Sundays, which we usually spend just the 3 of us. Rob works Mondays and then is off again on Tuesdays. It ends up feeling like a stretched-out kinda sorta weekend that we’ve grown to like. Our weekly Tuesday night dinner ritual started a few months back and has persisted despite our move, a new baby and a new class schedule for Mary. In fact, I went into labor on one such Tuesday night. Not only did we not cancel dinner that night but we continued the very next Tuesday- with the addition of our six-day-old daughter. I don’t think the ritual is fading anytime soon!

Tuesdays look something like this: Rob and I get up in the late morning and until recently have had an appointment with our midwife Noah pretty much every week. Now that Ophelia is a month old they’re waning in frequency 😦 After Noah leaves Rob and I head out with a recipe in mind and a grocery list in hand. We hit Trader Joe’s and usually the Marin Sun Farms counter at Market Hall if that night’s recipe calls for meat (I’ll delve further into my ridiculously high standards for meat in a later post). Mary stops for bread, cheese and wine after her class ends at 6 then gets on BART and makes it over to our place by 7. Rob usually starts cooking when she gets here and we nosh on appetizers and drink too much wine until dinner is ready. By that point Mary and Rob have usually launched into their passionate debate for the night. I’ve heard it cover everything from disagreements over Mary’s love life to Princess Diana’s untimely death. I mean it when I say those two could argue about anything.

We take turns passing around the baby and when the conversation dies down around 11 Mary is usually starting to fall asleep on the couch. Every week we offer for her to sleep over and every week she declines. It’s a ritual. Then she walks back to BART and Rob and I clear dishes that we’ll put off washing until tomorrow.

The thing about Tuesday Night Dinners is that while it usually comes together seamlessly, the whole production isn’t really easy for any of us. Mary comes all the way out to Oakland after a long day of school and walks/ BARTs home completely wiped out after the whole thing. Rob and I have to specially plan, shop and pay for dinner. We are usually trying to show off our skills a bit for Mary so the meal is rarely simple and there is ALWAYS dessert. Oh yeah, and pretty much everything that could be made by us, is made by us. That included the ice cream in the sundaes we had a few weeks back. And I clean the kitchen the following morning which is always a disaster zone. It’s a lot of work for a few hours of food, wine and conversation every week but the ritual persists because we love it. Because we look forward to it every week. Because we wouldn’t see each other nearly as often if we didnt make it a priority. Because we laugh and laugh and laugh and then fall asleep happy. Tuesday nights are perfect. I think we’ll stick with them.