Spring Forward

Yup, totally didn’t know the whole set your clocks forward thing was today. Not in the “Oh yeah, I knew that was coming up soon but I just spaced it” kind of way. I simply had absolutely no idea it was coming up at all until Rob came home last night and told me so. I would like to chime in here and ask that I be granted a reprieve for being so completely disconnected from the world. Um, I gave birth 32 days ago. Forgiven? Good. Let’s move on.

Perhaps as a subconscious attempt at reversing yesterday’s brain fart, today was actually quite eventful. After waking up at the crack of 10:30 and quickly realizing “&*%&, it’s actually 11:30” we hoped out of bed, straightened the apartment (kind of) before my parents showed up around noon. My parents live about 3 hours away on a lake outside the Yosemite gate so a visit from them is a rare treat. Although I will say the addition of a grandchild to our household has significantly increased the frequency of their visits. Who knew!Also, it turns out that another advantage besides them visiting more is that now they bring us delicious food when they come! And do the dishes afterwards! It’s a win-win-win situation for sure. Today was spaghetti and meatballs and a salad. Yessssssss.

Since I’m an only child and we’ve sort of preliminarily decided that Ophelia will also be an only child (future baby fever be damned) my parents seem to be soaking up grandparenthood more than most people, my dad especially. I love watching the two of them stare at each other, enraptured, while my dad babbles. When my mom stayed with us for a week after Ophelia was born I could see her really becoming a grandparent. She’s still neurotic about safety like she was/is with me as a parent (love you mom!) but I can see her slipping into enjoying the role of spoiler. I already daydream about all the adventures she will have with her grandparents up in the mountains, all the hikes she’ll go on, the mushroom hunts, the days spent swimming in the lake. I think about my dad teaching her how to make jewelry and my mom teaching her how to cook. It’s safe to say I daydream about her childhood regarding almost everything but especially the time she will spend up at Pine Mountain Lake. I hope it’s as magical as what I imagine for her.

The day got even better when we hit Fenton’s for dessert. I don’t think there’s anything else more quintessentially Oakland than Fentons. Maybe the Grand Lake Theatre. Or drive-bys. Okay, that was a bad joke. But a little bit true.

My parents split a Black and Tan (another classic) and I weenie-ed out and got a petite sundae with Rocky Road and hot fudge. But Rob got some amazingly huge Girl Scout cookie sundae with Thin Mints in it. My parents laughed at the size of it and swore up and down he wouldn’t finish it. I knew better.


…quickly became this…

and then was finished. Rob’s non-chalance was the best part.

Afterwards we said our goodbyes and my parents started on their drive back to the boonies. Rob and I decided to head over to the Municipal Rose Gardens for a quick stroll. Being the end of winter the actual roses were non-existent but it felt nice to be outside for a while. I’m certainly gearing up for spring and warm weather and all the cooking, gardening, BBQing etc that goes along with it. Hurry up spring!


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